~Mia Jean’s Birth Story~

(Warning-Graphic Birth pictures)

     For this birth story I wasn't sure where to begin.  Growing up as many of us did watching The Wizard of Oz, and being a Kansas girl myself – I decided to take the advise of Glenda, The good witch of the North …when she said “ it’s always best to start at the beginning.”  So I shall………

    When I took a test on February 28th and it was positive, I had very mixed emotions- excited and yet very nervous about a 3rd baby.  I already had two perfect boys, could I be lucky enough to have a third?   Of course everyone thought I needed a girl – everyone except me.  I really thought boys were pretty neat! So I struggled with that issue off and on for the next 8 months or so.

   When I called Cathy, she was excited to hear from me and excited to hear she would get another go around with my family, and me introducing our newest to us sometime around October 26 ,2006.

   I kind of thought there were at least some rules to labor. So 5 am Friday October 27th I thought it was ON and I got myself ready.  I called Cathy to let her know I was definitely having REAL contractions, but not consistent.  They went on ALL day and some took my breath away.   By that night I was totally worn out!!  I went to bed at 9 and they stopped  completely.  It started up again Saturday; by Sunday afternoon I was totally frustrated and called Cathy again.  She wanted me to come over and she would check me. I had it in my head that it didn't matter where I was, as far as dilating or anything else she could tell by checking me, and all of that work I had been doing the last 3 days was less I would have to do later.  Rule #1 broken then, I went to her house and NOTHING had changed!   

   The contractions continued, as did the mounting frustration.  By Monday early evening I thought I was going to lose it !!! I was tired and in pain.  In between contractions I got the boys ready for bed and let them watch animal planet in my room. Then, again I called Cathy.  We talked for awhile and I went through a couple of doozies!  She thought maybe if I took a bath and had a little wine, I could at least rest. We talked about trying to skip Tuesday – that was Halloween and the one day I wanted to avoid – if possible.  I took a bath, then tried to lay on my ball with music on in the dark room I would give birth in. I tried to just “be” and relax.  I laid in bed and would moan to my husband to help me go to the bathroom.  Right at midnight I got up to go again and felt a small pop – sure enough my water broke.

   I told Michael to call Cathy.   He told her we thought my water broke and I was on the toilet.  They talked for a bit, but wasn't sure if she should start her way over or not. Then he said she seems cold, too. She is just really shaking.   Cathy simply said, “I will be right there! “    Michael started in … I don't know what most husbands do with anxiety at this point …but he started asking me all kinds of questions – who, what, when, and where to call – looking back it is kind of funny but at the time I was about to call for a replacement!!

   In what really seemed like a few minutes Connie was in my bathroom, while I struggled in the tub with the strongest contractions I have ever felt!  I always thought contractions were supposed to be regular before birth. Rule #2 broken – my contractions never became consistent in time or in strength.  When Cathy arrived she wanted to check me.   She said I was a 4.  I immediately started crying.  I thought even 10 or 15 minutes per number it would be a long time and this was SOOO intense I didn't think I could take it. She reassured me and told me it could go and was going MUCH quicker.

  I finished that contraction and got back to the floor.  I had 1 maybe 2 more contractions and said I felt like I needed to push.  Rule #3 broken – how did I go from 4-10 that fast? I didn't really have time to ponder before – WHAM more and stronger contractions.  Pushing ones!

By that time everyone was there – picture person, video person, and my mom. They got me turned around still on hands and knees so we could catch it on video. 

A few more pushes, and then Cathy said  “pick up your baby. “ There was this amazing little baby reaching for me already.  I heard my mom say, “It’s another little boy!”  Everyone said AHHHH – but you could feel the disappointment heavy in the room. It was odd too; I thought I saw something a little different.  They wrapped the baby up and tried to get me laid back so I was more comfortable.  The baby felt sooo tiny and as they turned me I decided to take another peek …”nope it is a girl” (  My mom  must have seen the cord or something?)

  So baby Mia Jean was born at 1:18 am on Halloween 2006.  She was 8 pounds and 19 ¼ inches. She had lots of hair, just like her brothers.  She had a few bruises from the longie / shortie labor, but other than that she was perfect! She was immediately a nursing champ, and loved our first bath together.

No one really stayed long, and although I was totally hyped – we went to sleep and woke up to her first day.  It was beyond great! There are never words to really say the feeling after giving birth to a perfect baby.  I know I wish it would never end, and I wish I could do it over and over exactly the same.

  I know in the middle of it all I said, I need to change what I am saying…. I am saying I can't and NO.  Both Cathy and Connie said say yes because you CAN, you ARE, and you WILL.  Well I did!  Again!!!  We are all very proud.  She changes everyday, and everyday I think about that day we met.  I am so very thank*FULL for both Cathy and Connie – who knows what birth would be like with out them?  I am glad I don't have to think about it ~ they are always there for me.

Minda Jean Rios