Mercy Dabney Birth Story

My pregnancy was not a surprise and definitely a blessing.  As a mother of many children (Mercy is #7) I am accustomed to a lot of chaos and sometimes confusion.  These experiences have prepared me for the reaction of family and friends concerning another pregnancy and the decision to have a home birth.  To give you a very brief history of my pregnancies, my first four children were born vaginally in a hospital with no complications, but much interruption, pardon me, “intervention”.  My twins were born via C-Section after 5 weeks of hospitalization and discovering the bottom twin was breech.  The twins were 5 weeks early and I now  know I could have and certainly should have waited.  The pain and recovery following the C-Section was excruciating and I NEVER want to experience it again.   

I chose a home birth because I wanted to deliver naturally and comfortably in a familiar environment.  I did not want to be subject to IV’s, strange people, or hospital policy, as far as routine is concerned, i.e. no eating or drinking, no walking, student audience, only one birthing position and of course, a probable repeat section.  

I chose Cathy because she came highly recommended from other midwives. She is very experienced with all types of birth and I felt good about the fact that she has birthed at home herself. I am writing this in my 24th week of an uneventful and normal pregnancy.  I try to eat well and exercise, though there is always room for improvement in these two areas.  I have faith and trust in God that all will be well, no matter what the outcome and I know Cathy has everyone’s best interest at heart and we are in her prayers. (To be continued when labor begins). 

I wrote that this birth story would continue when labor began, but I feel compelled to write a little more prior to labor.  I am writing to express my feelings concerning vitamin supplements, especially iron, for myself.  I am very anemic and have a history of anemia.  I feel a strong desire to write about the importance of vitamin supplements and health especially with a home birth. Controversy and turmoil concerning home birth and midwifery is great and the world waits for some excuse to condemn them both, any excuse.  I truly believe that is why we must try to maintain optimum health during a pregnancy attended by a midwife.  We do not want to give the world any room to say “I told you so”.  I really have to keep this in mind when I do not want to take what seems like a handful of golf ball size supplements everyday or when I am warm and cozy under the covers and remember I did not take my vitamins that day. I pray that I will be obedient in all areas of my life and especially in this area.  (To be continued) 

I received my birth kit today and besides the constant body aches and pains, bladder overload and sleepless nights it reminds me that my baby girl’s birth will take place very soon (within two weeks).  I am trying not to be fearful or uptight and I am praying and believing God that all will go well and as planned.  I know this birth will be special and memorable regardless of the way it takes place. (To be continued) 

Well, Mercy Jacqueline Denise Dabney is now a wonderful new addition to our family.  Her birth was very hectic and very memorable.  The morning of her birth, 5-19-2004, I had to take my 3 year old son, Daniel to the ER due to seizures.  After arriving back home, I discovered my mucous plug had come out. I was not alarmed at all.  I just went about my daily routine.  As the day wore on, the contractions went from very slight to moderate to OH MY GOD!  I did not think much of it, believe it or not, because the contractions were only 30 seconds long.  Thankfully, Cathy called at 4:15 PM to see how I was doing and asked if I needed her to come over.  At first, I told her to come at 6:00 PM (Thank God she did not listen ) but changed that response to 5:00 PM.  After talking to Cathy, I decided to get in the tub to ease things up a bit.  Mercifully at their peak, the contractions were only 30 seconds long.  While in the tub, I prayed that I would be at least 7 cm dilated when Cathy arrived and guess what?  God answered my prayers above and beyond.  I was 9 cm when she checked me, one minute later my water broke and one minute after that our new baby was born, 10 minutes after Cathy arrived. The only part I regret and I do mean only, is my husband missed the entire birth.  God was so totally faithful. Cathy, Connie and Natalie were absolutely wonderful and I could not have asked for anything more.  I prayed to have a quick, complication free birth and God showed Himself strong and faithful.  I am so very happy that I made the very controversial decision to have a home birth and if I am blessed with another pregnancy in the future, I hope to have another home birth.  I feel so much more empowered and competent with myself and my abilities and I would highly recommend a home birth to anyone who is willing and able to do it. God bless you!  Exodus 1:15-21.