Jeremiah Andrew Jameson’s Birth Story

It had been weeks of preparation and eight very long days of waiting beyond the baby’s due date. Even though the past two babies had been late the waiting for this child seemed even more difficult. Maybe it was because, this time the other children felt the anxiety of the wait or maybe it was because for the entire pregnancy I had contemplated and often even dreaded the labor experience.

On Tuesday morning I remember saying a quick prayer, something to the effect of “Lord I can handle any pain but I just can’t stand the waiting any longer!!!” That evening, after a walk with Joy Elizabeth and Joseph, I felt the first contraction. It was around 8:00pm. I did not say anything to Kelly until the children were all in bed and he started to read some work documents. I said don’t get too settled in because things are happening.

The contractions intensified and got closer together. I called the midwife and my friend Holly who was going to care for our other children to give them a heads up. I was not quite ready to have them come to our house yet. Kelly and I tried to rest. At 1:00am I called Holly to come and get the children and I called the midwife. The children were so excited and looked precious piled in Holly’s minivan in their P.J.s. As they drove off the sky looked foggy. I felt a bit sad to see them go. About five minutes after the children left, Cathy and her assistant Connie arrived. I greeted them at the door. I was a bit shaky but fairly talkative.

The contractions were intensifying and getting closer together. I was dilated to about a seven. I got in the bath tub for a while. It seemed things were not progressing too much so Cathy encouraged me to get out of the tub. I was having quite a bit of back pain. When Cathy checked me the baby’s head seemed to be turned to the back thus causing the back pain. We prayed that the head would turn. After many more contractions some over a large exercise ball, some standing and some in other various positions like lunging, the head seemed to turn. The dilation did not progress.

After standing up through a lot of the contractions, Cathy checked me again. This time my cervix was swollen. She could not give us an explanation for this. She said she could try putting ice on my cervix but this might cause the baby’s head to move again. We decided to try it. I am not sure that it helped much.

By about 6:30 am my contractions had become very intense but were still about five minutes apart and not very productive. I remember saying I am whipped and laying down on the bed between contractions. (This was also the time that my friends at Boot Camp were praying for me. God heard their prayers!!!) Next, the contractions started to peek one on top of another. Sometimes I had three or even four peeks at a time. At about 7:35am I was standing in the doorway between our bedroom and the bathroom when my water broke. (This was also the time that my neighbor passed by our house and noticed the midwife’s car and prayed for us.) Cathy said “Can you get to the bed?” I said I wanted to stay there standing up and could they catch the baby? I waited for the next contraction. I squatted down with Kelly on one side and Cathy on the other. One push and the baby was here. They lifted the baby into my arms. “Is it a boy or a girl? I was able to turn the baby a bit and see “It’s a boy!!!” I moved to the bed where I held our sweet new born little boy. As Cathy delivered the placenta, she noticed there was a very tight knot in the cord. She said that the knot could have been very dangerous. Kelly cut the cord. We named our new blessing Jeremiah Andrew Jameson. Shortly thereafter, Jeremiah latched on and nursed with great strength. Later he laid on my chest sucking his thumb. I had about three stitches before taking a relaxing herbal bath with Jeremiah.

Jeremiah Andrew Jameson
February 22,2006

This was one of my longest labors. This was definitely the most difficult labor. There is really no explanation as to why the labor stalled out a bit in the middle. But I am sure that the Lord was over seeing a safe delivery for our baby. I am in awe of the Lord’s incredible power in the midst of my weakness, when I was so undeserving He blessed me with the precious gift of a precious healthy baby. I guess that is what God’s gift of life and new life is all about. We get a gift…something we do not deserve, something we did not earn, something totally free and something that blesses us beyond anything that we could ever imagine.

Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for calamity to bring you a future and a hope.”

Praise the Lord for Jeremiah Andrew Jameson!

Two days later the Lord gave me a song for Jeremiah. It goes like this:

Jeremiah Andrew…
God has a plan for you.
He gave up His Son for you.
For a future and a hope.

Jeremiah Andrew…
Seek and find Jesus.
Take others with you.
For a future and a hope.

We love you…
Jeremiah Andrew.