*Cub Riddle’s Birth Story*


My birth story starts early on with my second pregnancy…….  

We had just moved to Texas from Kansas within a month or so and had talked about having another baby, but decided we had too much going on and we should wait until we were more settled.   We did “it” for my birthday in July and by the end of July I felt like something was missing, like a period.  I went to get a test and it was positive………wow – how funny !!  So I thanked my husband at dinner again for the birthday present, he said you are welcome.  I said kind of funny how cheap it was and how expensive it would be later.  He looked puzzled and then he was excited.  Real excited!! 

It was a challenge to find care of any kind – other than the pages of OBs in the area.  I had my first at a birthing center and wanted something along those lines with this one.

We found a birthing center in the woodlands, but it was far TOO far, and then we found one and made an appointment – but it was in a strip mall, I swore I just couldn’t have a baby in a strip mall!!!   We moved to Katy and I often cried, thinking I would never find a way and I would end up in one of these hospitals.  I prayed – at times HARD for a way …. Then one day, I was sitting in front of the computer  - alone, crying and just put in Texas midwife.  Seems so simple now.   All kinds of names came up.  I looked at each one and read their story, cried at each one too.  When I came to Cathy’s name and story with 6 kids and I am bawling – I decided to calm down and call her.   I called and she asked questions and we talked for a while, she was so sweet, calm, understanding …really EVERYthing I wanted.  So she said, let’s make an appointment, I am actually at the grocery store right now – but I can call you when I get home.  WHAT?  She was at the grocery store this whole time?  I apologized and was impressed she could hold it together and be at the store like that.

We met, we decided to become partners, and found my due date to be March 29th, 2004

We had lovely visits, actually most of my high points were visits with Cathy, I do NOT do pregnancy well ~ just all around sick and yuck feeling throughout.

Starting March 26th I started having some contractions but nothing “real” and they came and went.  I looked like I had swallowed a LARGE basketball!! needless to say I wasn’t very comfortable. I kept on keeping on, like you do in prelabor.  Staying frustrated – but trying to remember that it would all be worth it in the end and hopefully there would be less work to do for REAL labor.

We had asked several people to come for the birth, just in case my son Gus needed someone, my mom came from Kansas and then we had people lined up from my husbands workplace as well – some invited to take pictures or do video and some invited for Gus or food run or whatever.   What is it ?  Maybe 4% of babies are born on the due date?  Well, march 29th was the one day I wasn’t expecting – as it neared everything got stronger! We went to Stephen F. Austin state park for the day to try to get our minds off of the whole thing and when we got home I got Gus ready for bed and laid down with him and a movie.  I felt something STRONG at exactly 10pm I looked at the clock, like you do when contractions hit you like that.  Then when it hit again, I looked – it was 10:05.

The next one at 10:10, then 10:15 …. I got nervous – but who knows right?  Well at about 10:45 and still every 5 min I called Cathy and told her I thought this was it and I would call her back when I felt like it was getting real close.  We called all of our people and they were here fast.  Most had just gotten off of work and all we invited were there.

I got in the bath, which didn’t last long and then called Cathy back.

It was certainly getting more intense!  It was bearable, but very uncomfortable and difficult.  MUCH more intense than the 1st baby.  I caught myself humming VERY loud Amazing Grace.

I am not sure how long I pushed or really too much about the labor – I was really in my head and sort of out of my head, if that makes any sense???

I do remember moving about to get the heart tones back up and I remember Cathy praying, I remember it was calm and everyone was really supportive.

My second son Cub Riddle was born March 29th at 3:18 am weighing in at 9 pounds and 3 oz. 20 ½ inches.

Gus came in to meet his giant, yet little baby brother and he was very happy.

I was a little sore and tired – it was different feeling all together than with the first.

During our bath together I think we bonded a bit more then initially. 

Both Cathy and Connie were like family – they found their way around, they cleaned up, and they took care of everyone and me.   It really was truly AMAZING!!!!