Cort's Birth Story

Our  God is such an awesome God. He has the most perfect plan for our lives and  perfect timing too! I knew we had been blessed the day we found out we were  going to have a baby. After all, "Children are a blessing from the Lord." Well the blessings just stacked up one by one after that day. We had not really planned on having children right away. We were simply letting God take control of the plans He had for our family instead of us controlling them with birth control methods. So when the news came, we were a little shocked, but very  excited about the new addition to our family.

Our next decision would be whether to have the baby at home or in the hospital. My sister-in-law had had one of her children at home and was about to deliver the second at home as well.  Consequently, my husband was sold on the idea of a home birth, whereas I was a little more leery. Once I decided to give it up to the Lord, He made the decision easy. I simply asked God to give me a peace in my spirit as to where I  should have the baby. The next thing I knew we were meeting with Cathy Rude, a  midwife in the Katy area where we live. She was the same midwife my sister-in-law used. God truly gave me a peace about our decision, and I kept that peace throughout my pregnancy.

The next nine months were wonderful. I felt as if God helped me overcome all the problems associated with  pregnancy:  morning sickness, cravings, swelling, heartburn, indigestion and excess weight gain. I had none of them. No problems at all, until at 38 weeks Cathy discovered  my baby had changed positions and may be breech. This alarmed me, but my faith was strong. We will never know if the baby was breech or not. After having our pastor, family and friends lay hands on me and ask God to direct our baby into the position planned for child birth, my next visit with Cathy revealed the baby was perfectly engaged. He was ready for his descent, at least we thought he was.

My due date came and went. I told myself from the beginning that I was not going to get discouraged waiting on the baby if he was late. At a week and a half past my due date we started trying some things to urge my labor to begin. We tried long walks, two ounces of castor oil, herbs. and nipple stimulation by means of an electric breast pump. Nothing seemed to work. By 13  days past my due date I was desperate! We had been praying for God's will and God's timing for this birth; but it was getting to be so late, we were concerned about the baby's well being. I did it all that day: three two ounce doses of castor oil (the last one I could not keep down), an enema, the herbs every two  hours, nipple stimulation and more walking. Still nothing! We knew there had to  be a good reason God was keeping this baby from coming.

The next day I had a biophysical profile performed which revealed that the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck not once, but two times. It also showed that my baby was going to weigh around nine pounds. Everything else checked out great... plenty of amniotic fluid, a healthy placenta, and a responsive baby. Obviously God had kept the baby in my womb a little longer so my midwife would know about the cord compromise ahead of delivery, because early the next morning at 2 a.m. my water broke and labor began. Hallelujah!

I called Cathy immediately. She encouraged us to sleep as much as possible before real labor began. Soon however, sleep was impossible because of the painful  contractions coming six to seven minutes apart. Cathy arrived at our home around 5 a.m. Because of the cord situation she kept a very close watch on the baby's  heart tones.

Cathy was great! She stayed with me the whole time, encouraging me, explaining to me exactly what was happening and why and giving me all the one on one attention I would have never gotten in the hospital. She sent us out for a walk around the neighborhood at 7 a.m. I stopped with each contraction and  leaned over my husband, Trey, or squatted and acted like I was picking  flowers.

The plan was that Trey and I would spend as much of the latent labor stage alone and call over the family later. People started arriving in the late morning. Friends came over and prayed for us, and we alerted our church prayer chain. The family left around 2 p.m. so Trey and I could get some sleep.  They never returned until after the baby was born which was another blessing from the Lord. With labor being so long I needed the peace and solitude of just my husband and midwives there with me.

Peace. That is what I wanted most  of all for my baby's birth. We woke at 5 p.m. and went to Target to walk some  more and still the contractions were at five to six minutes apart. The teacher of our childbirth class, Christy and Cathy's birth assistant, Danielle came that evening. They had not originally planned to be at the birth, but the Lord must  have known we needed them. Danielle brought a birthing ball which was the best position for me. I would sit on top of it and rock my hips in a hula hoop motion all the while eating labor aid ice chips, drinking protein shakes and listening  to praise music. The presence of the Lord was definitely in our home. Danielle also used aromatherapy oils to give me a back massage during contractions which really helped to soothe my achy back. Christy was wonderful, too. We went for another walk at 10:30 that evening. Christy talked me through each contraction telling me to breathe and picture the baby making his way down the birth  canal.

When we came in from the walk my contractions had narrowed to  about to to three minutes apart. They were very intense as I entered the transition stage. This was the only point during my whole labor I felt as if I  could not do it any longer; although it lasted only a short time, it seemed like forever. To give me a little reprieve, the midwives suggested I take a warm bath  with more aromatherapy oils. Trey had candles set up to help me relax, and as contractions came he trickled water over my swollen belly. Try was such an awesome coach. He was wonderful throughout the entire labor and after the baby came, too. He was so into it all. He let me lean over him, he massaged me,  talked to me, prayed for me and encouraged me the whole way through. I did seem to rest during the bath time which was good because labor really began to move along after that.

When Cathy checked, I was at 9 cm. With just a few more  contractions I would be ready to push. We decided the ball would be the best position for me to begin. After pushing for about thirty minutes, Cathy checked  me again. She found an anterior lip. She tried to push it out of the way as I  pushed, but it was too painful for me. She suggested that I try and refrain from  pushing through a couple of contractions to see if I would dilate the rest of  the way, but my body was taking over. I could not keep from pushing. She tried again to push the lip out of the way and this time she was successful. I was  determined to push this baby out. I told myself I was not going to push for the  average of two and a half hours. I had waited so long to see him. I was ready for him to come out and play. As I lay propped up on my back against Trey, I  pushed for another 45 minutes until his 15 inch head came out. Cathy immediately  dealt with the cord around his neck which easily came unloosed. Praise the Lord! The next thing I knew Cathy commanded me to turn over. With no energy left to spare, the Lord picked me up and turned me over on all fours. The baby's shoulders were stuck and would not budge. Cathy and Danielle both along with the hands of Jesus had to reach in and pull his arms out first and then his  shoulders came. From the time his head came out until the rest of his body arrived was three minutes - much longer than the average. I was in massive pain  at that point as I delivered my nine pound 3 ounce baby boy at 3:39 a.m.,  twenty-five hours after labor began. The Lord knew the baby was going to be big  so He helped us prepare by leading us to diligently participate in perineal massage every night for 8 weeks before the baby came. Because of our faithfulness I was blessed with no episiotomy and a small tear in the labia requiring two stitches. As soon as Cort was born, I began to praise the Lord, for we all saw the hand of God at work during his birth.

Shortly after Cort arrived the grandparents, great grandmothers and other family came over and had the pleasure of watching him be measured and weighed. It was such a wonderful experience, having my baby at home with a midwife. I would not do it any other way.