Brenna's Birth Stroy


What a sweet and awesome God we serve! Here is the story of how HE brought our little Brenna to us.

On Thursday evening, March 23 I started feeling faint contractions about every 30 minutes. It had been almost two and a half years since the birth of our second child, so I didn't really know if they were true contractions or not because they were so light. I went ahead and called my midwife and assistant just to let  them know of the possibility, since they both had children to make plans for. Cathy, my midwife, asked some questions but advised that I go to bed and try to get some sleep. Right after that conversation I lost my mucous plug, but still wasn't feeling much of anything. Rodney and I were excited about the possibility of Brenna arriving soon. We went to bed, and I tried to sleep, but it's so hard knowing you're about to bring another life into the world. Our lives would never be the same again.

Around 3 A.M. the contractions were getting so strong that I could not sleep. So, we got up and finished last minute things around the house and he made cupcakes. They were for our soon-to-be birthday party for after Brenna was born. After Rodney made the cupcakes he made up the bed for the delivery. We had decided after much prayer and thought that we wanted to have a  home birth with a Christian midwife and assistant. As he made the bed up he asked God for a verse for me and Brenna, some specific word to strengthen and encourage us. God clearly spoke Psalm 118 (v.5) to him. He shared it with me and I knew it was the verse to see me through. I must have thought about it and cried out to the Lord many, many times during the course of the next several hours. It was fun, being together in those wee morning hours, just the two of us. I say fun, but the contractions were getting longer and stronger by about 5 A.M.

We called Cathy and Danielle back and they said they'd be here within the hour. They arrived and I wanted to get right in the warm tub of water they had drawn.  I had decided just days ago that I wanted to labor in our garden tub at home and possibly have the baby in the water. I had done some reading about the great benefits for mother and baby and was excited about the possibility of the warm water taking some of the edge off of the contractions. I got in, and it felt great, but I was so relaxed that the contractions lessened  in strength and length. I was only about 2-3 cm.  I decided to get out and walk around to try to get things going again.

About this time, Cathy took the baby's heart rate, and it seemed to be muffled. Nothing dangerous, just that the baby was probably posterior, which meant that there would be hard back labor and possibly hard pushing at the end. That discouraged me, so we started praying that she (Brenna) would move.  We all prayed together, which was awesome, because we were all in unity.  I did several activities to get her to move, crawling, and  laying on my sides, but nothing seemed to make her move.  Things seemed to be "stalling out". Cathy and Danielle considered leaving for a little while to attend to their families and another baby born the day before. I said that would be fine, however I was discouraged. I cried and we all prayed again, giving it all to the One who knows better than we know ourselves.

Within a minute of our prayer, my water broke. Wow! That was a fast answer to prayer.  Of course no one would leave now! Contractions were coming on top of each other and lasting for a long time.  It seemed like it took forever for me to make it from my bed back to the bathtub.  The warm water felt so good and did ease the pain a little. By this time I was in major pain, and progressing very quickly.  My sweet husband asked if I could do without him for five minutes.  "Why?" I asked  strongly.  He said he felt like he needed to go pray that she would move; do spiritual warfare on her behalf. Of course, that was fine by me.  He came back and continued to pray quietly, holding his hand over my stomach. He said he saw it moving.  Well, the next heart check proved that God moved on our behalf. She had moved! Within 10 minutes she was ready to come greet us.

Brenna Avery was born at 10:41 A.M. on March 24, 2000. I cried as they put her on my chest. We couldn't believe she was finally here!  I had gone from practically nothing happening in my body to having her in one hour.  God was gracious and knew what I could and couldn't handle. He was merciful, seeing me through each contraction, and not giving into fear. He was faithful in giving me what I prayed for, a smooth, safe delivery.  He is a wonderful Father who can be trusted with every  detail and event of our lives. This has taught me again to give all the details and plans of my life, big or small, to Him, for His ways are much bigger than ours.  I praise Him for all He did that sweet day, but I also look forward to all the days of Brenna's life.